Make Use of Utility Billing Services to Cut Down on Staff

As a landlord you want to save on your utility bills to the maximum extent possible. By setting up individual meters and billing each apartment separately, you will be encouraging residents to consume less power, water, gas, and so on. Studies have shown that individual meters reduce consumption by as much as 35 per cent. However, you do not want the hassle of setting up separate meters and reading them each month, not to mention the staff needed to make the bills, and collect the dues. This is where utility billing services come in.

On the Same Page

Electricity billing software has the capability to remotely read electricity and other utility meters and generate bills with the proper mailing address. These can then be delivered to the appropriate recipients for a quick collection. In much the same manner, any utility billing system is set up to read meters and generate bills. Accounting billing software then helps to keep track of bills paid and generates appropriate information so that the landlord can be paid in turn.


Utility billing software is used by companies offering utility billing solutions for landlords. These companies take over the entire responsibility of metering, billing, collecting payments, and making a consolidated payment to the landlord. Of course, there requires access to the building once to install the meters. Once the meters are installed, the utility bill management software takes over. This software, apart from remotely reading the meter, concocts the bill as well. It helps keep track of who has paid the bill so far, enabling follow up action on bills that have not yet been paid.  You can use these utility billing systems to save time, for both your staff and for your clients.

The complete automation of the utility bill payment services ensures a low charge per bill collected. This collection fee usually works out to about $7 per bill. Some unscrupulous services with utility software charge a percentage of the fees collected. This is entirely unwarranted and landlords should stay clear of such companies.

By making use of energy billing systems landlords can save money on utilities as well as contribute their bit to slow down climate change. Moreover, these transparent utility management systems will win the trust of tenants and enable them to monitor their use of utilities.

Utility management software is a great boon to both landlords and tenants as it saves everybody time and money while ensuring proper monitoring of use of utilities such as water and energy. The pay as per use model helps tenants save on their utility bills without compromising on quality of life. By entrusting the entire management to a third party service provider, the landlord too is saved with the bother of hiring staff to read meters and prepare bills.

The Perfect Solution

Many landlords have found that using a CIS utility billing service is a cost-effective way of reducing costs without compromising on the quality of life of tenants. The landlord too is saved the hassle of collecting individual checks and tallying them. By receiving one consolidated check, the landlord saves time and staff costs.

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