Utility Billing GIS Integrations Help Prevent Fraud

Many utilities have benefitted enormously from the computerization of their utility billing system. To increase the benefits of IT, they have now started utility billing GIS integrations. While electricity billing software reduces the time taken to bill consumers as well as keeps errors and fraud under check, integrating GIS into the system can help prevent thefts of electricity and enable quicker repair of assets.

Saving Resources

Accounting billing software helps to keep track of bills that have been paid as well as pending bills. By integrating GIS into this system, it is possible to attend to complaints sooner and more efficiently. Many counties in the United States have integrated GIS into their utility billing software and benefited greatly. Not only is staff now able to see exactly where the underground pipes are, they are also able to see new pipes on their laptop screens. This helps both utilities and utility billing companies deploy staff more efficiently. Work routes can be planned based on GIS data which clearly shows the distances between different locations.


Utility billing solutions are the ideal way for a landlord to increase net returns from a property. By billing individual families based on their actual consumption, the landlord can recover a major portion of the utility bill for the building. Moreover, by using utility bill management software, the landlord and the billing company both make use of utility billing services to cut down on staff. The service cost per bill then becomes very affordable, encouraging landlords to bill all the utilities consumed by the tenant.

A Minute Fee

Utility bill payment services are a low-cost and efficient way of collecting utility payments from tenants. The service bills and collects the payments, generates the appropriate report, and presents this to the landlord along with a consolidated check. The landlord pays only a small fee per bill in return for all these services.

By using utility software, the service providing company is able to read a lot of meters and prepare a lost of bills in very less time. Moreover, atomization means fewer human errors and delays. Bills that are sent out on the correct date, give the tenant more time to make the payment, thus leading to fewer defaults.

Utility management software also enables these utility billing companies to keep track of payments – both through electronic transfer and check. By generating accurate data, these systems make follow up easier.

A No-Brainer

A good utility management system does more than just generate bills. It keeps track of payments as well as the cost of maintaining the pipes and conduits for delivering the utilities. Apart from generating data and analyzing the data to show who the highest consumer is and their payment pattern, by enabling utility billing GIS integrations, these systems help in the maintenance of the building as well. A click on the computer will show the exact locations of the pipes in the building and grounds, making modifications and maintenance work easier. Service staff and technicians no longer have to go through blue prints searching for the correct piece of paper to continue with their work. In other words, pinpointing faults in the line becomes easier as well.

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